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Panel Prices Bottomed Out Expected1gradually Enter The Upward Phase

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  News that panel prices are about to pick up,Recently, there are frequently mentioned by institutions in research reports。Track panel quotes based on third-party agencies,Panel prices this year12Monthly price bottoms,Some analysts pointed out,1Most sizes quoted in the month,And predict that the industry reversal point has come,Subsequent quotes are expected to rise steadily,As new capacity is postponed and South Korean capacity is withdrawn,The industry is gradually ushering in an opportunity to change the pattern。

  In fact,2020The annual increase in production capacity is mainly caused by2019In the climbing line and2020New production line。


  It is reported that,2019Huaxing OptoelectronicsT6 11generation、Huike Luzhou8.6Generation of two lines,2020The newly added production lines are mainly BOEB17 10.5Heike Mianyang8.6Generation of two lines,As well as the uncertain release of Sharp Guangzhou Zengcheng10.5Generation line。Total incremental approx.10.5%。

  It is worth noting,As Korean manufacturers exit,The industry pattern has also been reversed,Profit level recovery。And mainland manufacturers benefit from the advantages of the generation line、Labor costs、Cost of raw materials、Capital cost and other advantages,Looking up in the short term,In the long run, the dominance of mainland manufacturers has gradually increased。

  at the same time,Some agencies point out,BOE as the current domestic panel leader,Will benefit deeplyLCDIndustry reversal andOLEDCapacity,Gradually increasing competitiveness in the global panel industry。


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