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728, International Cultural Building, 3039 Shennan Middle Road, Funan Community, Futian Street, Futian District, Shenzhen

Company Profile

      Shenzhen Kaibin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor of electronic components。Headquartered in the thriving Shenzhen,Branch offices in Hong Kong and Zhongshan

      The company has many years of working experience in the electronic component industry,Rich network resources,Professional ethics team。In a rapidly changing market environment,Always uphold“High Quality、Integrity first”For corporate purpose,To grow into the most professional embedded system application component distributor;To learn、Innovation、Sustainable development as a management policy;Peace and pragmatism、Honesty、Courageous service,Form our professional advantages and industry status。Long-term stock inventory,Support customers' early project development。

      The company is mainly engaged in high frequency microwave tubes、Radio frequency tube、Schottky、Fast recovery、TVStube、稳压二极tube、Varistor、放电tube、Resettable fuse、Optocoupler and other components,Products are widely used in military aerospace equipment、Navigation missile equipment、Civil Power、Medical equipment、Communication equipment、Automotive electronics and other fields。

The company has long served customers,Let customer benefit for business philosophy,Continuous innovation,Strive to bring the best products,Best price,The most comprehensive supporting services are provided to every customer。Warmly welcome new and old customers to call、Visit and negotiate business。

Agency Brand:QiangmaoPANJIT、Jun YaoBrightking、greatMD、Hai XimeiMHCHXM

Distribution Brand:Everlight Taiwan、TDK、SKYWORKS、NXP、Sumitomo

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