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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor(AOS)

Name:Alpha & Omega Semiconductor(AOS)


Brand Introduction
AOS is a semiconductor research and development company that develops advanced analog power management solutions. AOS provides a wide range of products including power MOSFET, power IC, and transient voltage suppressor TVS. AOS continues to develop new technologies, create new products and create innovative solutions, and strive to deliver superior designs, reliable production, and quick response to customers. AOS is proud to have extensive experience in power semiconductor technology and business operations. AOS also deployed the company's proprietary chip handling and packaging technology in collaboration with wafer foundries to complement the design and production of advanced power semiconductor products. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, AOS has improved the manufacturing capacity of sub micron wafer foundries to enable high-performance products to enter the market. AOS aims to provide the best products and services to customers and become a leading supplier of power semiconductors. To achieve this goal, AOS has built a very good technology platform, including world-class wafer factory and packaging factory. AOS's growing chip and packaging platform ensures that AOS designers develop first-class products that will continue to drive AOS earnings growth.
Product Series
DC-DC, DC-DC converter, buck regulator multi-channel output regulator, intelligent load switch, linear regulator, power protection, IC ultra low capacitance, diode array, EMI filter, high current suppressor, double channel MOSFET, N channel, P channel M MOSFET
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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